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Tough week. I remain without words at the extent of the loss and devastation. I hope you can donate as generously as your heart and circumstances permit.

Idly, I wonder about the long term effects on the industry such as it is in New York. Will the effect of the hurricane be to solidify the city’s trend toward a marketing hub, replacing its mainstay of sourcing? Who can say. Mine are but speculative thoughts; what do you think?

I’m looking forward to catching up next week. Last week I was dealing with more site maintenance issues; hopefully your reading experience was not disrupted. I’m hoping to resolve it once and for all (ha ha) by the end of the month. Also, I was hosting a production pattern making seminar. Next week I will be posting news of an awesome give away so be sure to stay tuned.

October 26, through November 1, 2005
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Sewing hammer
Copying processes #4
Copying processes #5
Poka Yoke pattern making
Piece naming conventions
Pattern puzzle: Junya Watanabe

October 26, through November 1, 2006
A fun little quiz pt.3
Grading is not morphing
Too many sizes!
Another lovely Sunday
Trick or Treat

October 26, through November 1, 2007
News from you 10/26/07
ADHD dump: factoring 2
The universe is needling me today
Wanted: freelance fashion designer
Los Angeles Fabric Show: Trip Report

October 26, through November 1, 2008
Show Details Magazine
Best sentence I read all day
Hunger (yet another lousy title)
French pattern making books

October 26, through November 1, 2009
Pattern Puzzle: Kate Rawlinson’s stupid stripey dress
Trip report: Dallas Apparel and Accessories Market
Why people don’t return your calls
Pattern Puzzle: Kate Rawlinson & stupid stripey pt.2

October 26, through November 1, 2010
Weight War: BMI vs BVI
Everything I wish I’d known when I started pt.3

October 26, through November 1, 2011
What’s a prototype and when do you need one?
I have a prototype but I don’t have a pattern
La Bricoleuse -a costuming blog
aflaNotch maps: suit sleeve & armhole

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Elaine Good
November 4th, 2012
4:25 PM

“I was dealing with more site maintenance issues; hopefully your reading experience was not disrupted. I’m hoping to resolve it once and for all (ha ha) by the end of the month.”
Ha. Ha. Good luck with that… ;)

Thanks for all you do with this site!

Toni-Maree Fuller
November 6th, 2012
6:08 PM

Hi Kathleen,
I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful site. I have never commented before. I have only been sewing for about a year and have gathered most of my information from “home sewing” sources. Your instructions are truly eye opening.

I wanted to supplement my husbands income by selling children’s patterns to home sewing enthusiasts. Some patterns I have bought have been dreadful, and yet popular!

I must say your site gives me both encouragement and at the same time instills total fear. Do you think your book would be useful for my own sewing and pattern making ventures? I think I would be too intimidated to join the forum, although I bet all the good stuff is in there, huh.

Thanks again.

November 7th, 2012
2:39 PM

Hi Toni
I’m glad the site has been useful and also good that you’re exploring commercial opportunities.

Given that you haven’t been sewing very long, you might consider hiring a pattern maker to help you develop the patterns. OR, you can save a lot of money by doing test patterns first, fit testing them and then sending them off to be digitized, graded and all of that. If you want to go the latter route then yes, the book and forum will be useful in that you’ll be in an allied field. It could also be good for your personal development to have questions answered with respect to sewing, pattern making etc. There are a lot of useful posts on the archives page so try that too.

Good luck!

Alison Cummins
November 8th, 2012
8:28 AM

You’ll be interested to know that several active forum members are home sewers, not DEs.

January 27th, 2013
12:29 PM

I’m a home sewer for about 60 years and every time I come here I learn something I didn’t know and her book is amazing.

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