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Posted by Kathleen Fasanella on Jun 13, 2005 at 3:52 pm / Admin / Trackback

Today’s my birthday but you’re the one getting a present! The discussion forum (bulletin board) is configured and all ready to go. You’ll have to log-in to post comments and questions. For now, the bulletin board is open to anyone who has purchased a copy of my book (new copies, it’s free for one year; buyers of used copies pay $45). The major topic areas (feel free to suggest others) are:

Admin: RAQ: Rarely Asked Questions, Bios and Offers to Buy & Sell

Patterns: Fitting, Sizing & Grading, Engineering and Resources- pattern makers, graders, marker making

Vintage Patterns & Fashion: vintage patterns, vintage fashion designers and Vionnet

Sewing: Samples & Prototypes, Production, costs and process organization, Resources for sample makers, contractors etc

Product Development: Line & Style Development, Costing & Pricing, Troubleshooting

Sales & Marketing: Line Launch, Sales reps and shows, Labels & Marketing, care labels, logos and hang tags, Resources -Fiinding & working with reps and PR professionals

Production: Marking & Cutting -marking, cutting, allocation and spreading management

Machines, Equipment & Tools: Q & A, Resources -where to buy: vendors & suppliers

Textiles & Inputs: Fabric testing and Resources -all guts and goodies

Consumers: Ask a question about the industry, Clothing Complaints

On an unrelated note, I am 44 today. If you’re feeling generous, I’d love anything off of my Amazon Wish List and I’d welcome used books as readily as new ones. Thank you!

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Susan McElroy
June 18th, 2005
10:43 AM

The topics that don’t have a post yet aren’t letting me post; say I have to be an administrator. Does the list owner have to start each topic?

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