Comments on: In 2014: Resolve to do something that terrifies you How to start a clothing line or run the one you have, better. Sat, 21 Mar 2015 02:36:04 +0000 hourly 1 By: sarina Tue, 23 Sep 2014 07:35:03 +0000 i have not seen a more inspiring and useful site than yours, kathleen. you have given women like me a Dream – i hope you have all the success in the world; i dont doubt that it will be immensely popular, i just wish you all the best wishes in the world to manage well your success.

By: Olivia Sat, 08 Feb 2014 13:53:45 +0000 Hi everybody;) I have only just had time to check back in… Wow! That was an incredibly long post- probably something I should have saved for the therapists office lol! Thank you for taking it so well ladies;) thank you as well for your internet *hugs* and very true advice.
Kathleen, you are SO, SO right! I am incredibly lucky! I live in a fantastic country with amazing resources and you are just so spot on!
I also read that you have started your own pattern line- how amazing! I wish you the very best of luck xx

By: Kathleen Tue, 28 Jan 2014 23:04:21 +0000 Olivia, In spite of your very significant challenges, I’m thinking how truly fortunate you are. You know what you want to be or do when you “grow up” and you have the liberty to pursue that. Some people never know. As far as being older than others, you’re going to get older anyway. You’ll still be 34. Do you want to be 34 and doing what you want or 34 and still living with the ghost of a dream deferred?

By: Alison Cummins Mon, 27 Jan 2014 05:06:18 +0000 Hallo Olivia,

Many of us have been through something similar and if you join the forum you’ll see many members making a midlife career switch or even moving into business as they approach retirement. So it’s not too late.

If you aren’t taking meds, talk to your doctor. You might think that you should be able to handle all this on your own but I can tell you that “all this” is a lot easier to handle if you aren’t worried about falling apart. Make use of all your resources, even the ones that feel like cheating.


By: Paula Hudson Mon, 27 Jan 2014 00:29:35 +0000 Kathleen, the hardest decision I made in 2013 was that in January, February 2014 at the latest, I would fulfill all my sewing/costuming obligations and put that away to pursue my heart need to write again. I published six fiction novels quite a long time ago, but long story short, put that away to go to college and pursue some other life needs/goals. But writing has always been the song that sings in my soul, and I have let fear keep me preoccupied with other things for too long. The “problem” is that I love sewing, and I’m very good at it. I’ve enjoyed all my costuming. For grins and giggles, you can see the costumes I did for world champion powerhouses Gary McIntyre and Susan Kirklin at – Not that this is amazing costuming… just that I have reached a level of which I’m very proud. Gary is also my coach, and I made my dress and modified a real Navy dress white for Gary in my recent showcase… I’m not even in same atmospheric orbit as far as talent!!! But I’m very proud all around … … ANYWAY… I’ll continue to dance, and costume for myself and a very select few people, but I’m going to put away fear and tackle fiction again. I’ll always stay on here, and stay on top of tips and techniques because I’ll never not sew, but I have to put away my (albeit very small) entree into sewing entrepreneurship. Should things go swimmingly, and I get to quit the day job, I may go back to a dual life of writing and sewing, but as long as I have the ‘day job,’ I just can’t. Anyway, maybe more information that you wanted, but I’m very scared/excited, and look forward to what 2014 has in store!! (With that said, I can’t wait for your pattern for a structured blazer as I’ll be getting that in a NY minute!) And I don’t want “easy,” either. I’m ready for a F-I challenge! I won’t say “best of luck” to you, because I don’t want to insult the incredible amount of hard work you have invested, as well as the incredible well of your talent which you are sharing. I will wish you every good thing and enormous success (however you define that!!!).

Best, Paula

By: Karen J Sun, 26 Jan 2014 05:31:57 +0000 @Olivia ~ {{{Olivia}}} = Great-Big-Gentle Hugs from across the ocean and across the internet…
you certainly have a lot of heavy-duty stuff on your plate these days!

Bright Blessings to you ~
and consider this: “Not Now doesn’t have to mean Never!”

By: Ina Sat, 25 Jan 2014 16:15:02 +0000 Thank you for the motivational “kick in the butt” post!
This is the year I show the husband that this “sewing thing” is a viable business. I think he kind of got an idea during the holiday seeing rolls of fabric and such lining the hallway to the workroom. “How much work do you do?” he asks. This is not the first time he is seeing this, but he is actually paying attention now.
Look forward to completing quite a few “scary firsts” this year!

By: Olivia Sat, 25 Jan 2014 10:35:19 +0000 Hi Kathleen, it’s been a very long time since I visited as I have been caring from my grandmother (whom is actually pretty much my real mother having bought me up), she was diagnosed with cancer not long after I last spoke to you via email and after chemo and several surgeries we were told at Xmas that it is the most aggressive cancer they’ve ever seen and she only has a few weeks possibly a couple of months left. Thus, I have been kept a long way from the internet. But I checked into my emails this evening and noticed the link to this post and straight away felt sick…. Kathleen, I think I mentioned to you before that I had started studying my diploma in fashion design, I am studying through open colleges art and design/college of fashion design here in Australia, online. At first I was SO SO very excited to be learning all the pattern drafting/technical drawing/sewing etc… But then one day I just woke up with this really (REALLY) dark, heavy cloud over me, literally covering and practically suffocating me every day since… It’s been about 6 months now (aprox.) and the emotion/feeling that came along with it was this; I only started studying fashion design (which had been an absolute dream of mine since childhood but I’d never felt talented or intelligent enough to pursue it) when I was 29 after finally escaping a dv relationship of many years. I thought why not?! At that stage the fact that I was pursuing a brand new career just on 30 didn’t actually bother me all that much to be honest, when I studied law/psych at uni many years prior there were learners in their 80’s! I loved that! But when I first started my diploma in applied fashion design & technology I started on-campus and there was not ONE single person older than me (oops! That’s an outright lie!- there was a really lovely lady in her 40/50’s, but she left about 2 weeks in due to the rudeness and bullying from all the 18-21 year old school leavers that saturated every corner of the class studio, that and because, like me, she found the fact that we were given 5 minutes to learn each new skill such as different types of hems/steps in drafting etc… before quickly moving onto the next step whether you’d finished/succeeded or not! -in fact my pattern making teacher actually expressed her great concern at trying to stuff such a huge amount of content into such a very short time frame, she stated that we were certainly not getting the time-teacher-student ratio that we should and, lo and behold by week 6 there were only 12 out of 40 students left, by the end of the year- only 7 remained.

I digress, what I was saying was that I also left because of the rudeness and bullying (I am not very good socially when I am nervous and stressed- and certainly since this nasty experience I rarely leave the house- I suffer PTSD, depression & panic attacks and this has sent me into many months of depression and self esteem depletion. I swapped to off campus/online through a different provider and although 10 x more expensive at $11,000 I believed it was worth it even on a disability pension because it was my dream. So I plugged away at paying the $150 per week and now just over half way through the time limit for course completion I literally cannot make myself move because this dark cloud has bought upon me the feeling that I am too old to be trying to study for the next 3-5 years and then expect to get a job in the industry… I KNOW that people older than me will probably be insulted by this- and I do not mean to cause any sort of negativity, the weird thing is- I don’t feel like this about anyone else besides myself! In Australia doing your bachelor of fashion after completing your diploma would certainly give u greater access to job opportunities and I would love to study my bachelor starting mid 2014 meaning I’d be finished perhaps by 34? But I keep being blocked, not able to even start studying at my diploma a again right now as I keep thinking- who’s going to hire a 34 year old at entry level? I’m 10 years behind everyone else!

I’m sorry if you think this is a stupid thing to be terrified of but I am, I am so sngry at myself for wasting all those precious years building a home for a man who took everything from me, and would still happily take more if I went back and let him, but there’s actually no more to take- I’m drained dry, I have no self belief. I am starting to see a therapist to try and ‘unblock’ myself lol but I don’t have more years to waste, I either need to bite the bullet & charge forward into the fashion industry (the love of my life) or go back to my trade of hairdressing and at least know I have job security. I cannot do both at once as I am just the sort of person who has to choose one and ilgive that thing my all. The reason I am writing to you (and I genuinely hope I have not just annoyed you terribly), is because you KNOW all there is to KNOW! (About this industry)… Do you think I’m fooling myself at 30 to be studying and starting a new career in some area of the fashion industry? Do you think I would have less promising or simply no job prospects in the industry given what my age will be (34 aprox.) when I finally graduate, were the younger students at tech correct when they teased me for even being there?

I am so very confused which has led to very bad depression Kathleen, and I WANT to do my ‘terrifying thing’ but don’t want to lead myself down the garden oath at great personal, emotional and financial pain & loss.

I would just respect your opinion SO, SO very much:)
Warmest regards,
Olivia ;) xo

By: Marsha Sat, 11 Jan 2014 08:58:25 +0000 Congratulations, all the best for your pattern business, and all the best for the new year!

By: Colleen Tue, 07 Jan 2014 17:42:28 +0000 Congrats, I’m excited to see your pattern line.

Happy New Year!