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The students from my recent class finally convinced me of the need to write a user’s guide for this site. Once you’ve seen what I’ve done so far, you may understand why I put it off for so long. It’s cumbersome to make it seamless so everything feeds back to the Table of Contents or to the next entry in the series. It’s not complete yet but this should be a start to getting around and navigating the site to get the most out of it. I’ll post again when new segments are ready, likely next week.

The main page aka Table of Contents is titled New Here? You can find links to the following entries there:

Table of Contents: (entry point)
Orientation: how to use this site (explains a lot of features and navigation)
How to find stuff
I clicked on a link that doesn’t work
How to leave a comment
How to format a comment
How to correct a comment
How to promote yourself on blogs with comments
How to contact me or another blogger
How to join the forum

When you click through to that entry, you’ll see other topics listed that aren’t hyperlinks. Those are topics I’ve yet to finish. If you have other ideas about what I should write about, please leave a note in comments.

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