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Pattern services:

I specialize in pattern making for men’s and women’s lined garments -what’s described as “single needle” meaning products that require the highest level of sewing operator skills- with specific emphasis on leather products and outerwear. My rates are reasonable at $65 per hour. If you have patterns already made, I provide digitizing, grading and marking services. I’m also available for pattern checking services which I enjoy. I use StyleCAD software, have a 4′ x 6′ digitizing table and a 72″ Ioline plotter to print markers.

Consulting and Instruction:

I’m available for phone consultation at $150 per hour ($125 an hour if you have my book), minimum half hour for an initial consultation and billed in quarter hour segments after that. I enjoy conducting product reviews; other firms charge thousands of dollars for these but in my opinion, few take over three hours. I am available to travel to provide consulting or training to your staff on site with a two day minimum.

Another service I provide is rapid product development -which means you come in and we’ll work on the product start to finish. I make the pattern in CAD (starting with digitizing the pattern if there is one), we cut it, sew it, fit it and rinse, lather and repeat for any needed correction in my small 2500 sqft factory. Ideally, the customer is ready to be introduced to my local contractors to nail down requirements for a production quote the next day. Daily rate is $900 per day for the first person, $450 for each subsequent person with a cap of 3 people. Maybe 4 by special concession.

Private instruction at my location in New Mexico is available for a maximum of three students but two is preferred. The class fee per person per day is $900, (discounts for attendees from the same company). For those staying two days or more, I provide comfortable and private accommodations in my guest house with breakfast and lunch (vegetarian) on site. My guest house has a bedroom (queen size bed), living room (queen size futon), full kitchen and a bath with shower (stocked with towels, shampoo, soap etc). Transportation to and from the airport is likely but not guaranteed depending on arrival and departure times.

One class I think every designer or product developer needs is Production Pattern Making. You will need some tools and basic sewing skills but no pattern making skills are needed to successfully complete this day long class.

Here is a list of equipment and amenities of my small sewing factory:

Facilities and equipment


Sewing Machines:

Misc equipment



Inquiries to:
Kathleen Fasanella
Apparel Technical Svcs
PO Box 12323
Albuquerque NM 87195-2323
Phone: 505-877-1713



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